Golf Skirt

Our new golf skirt is 2 inches longer than our Original Classic Skirt. We made it longer to provide full coverage (to meet club dress codes). The skirt fits on your hips and allows movement for the active play of golf. Our owner, Stephanie Lynn, golfed in the 2016 LPGA Pro-am tour in this amazing skirt, (link takes you to the Pro-am photos). The extra length works very well for GOLF,  but we recommend our Classic Skirt   for all other activities.

Sport Size fits size 2 - 14 and measures 14 inches in length.  *sits on hips
Super Size fits size 10 - 18 and measures 16 inches.  *sits on hips
Sweet Z fits size 0 - 6 and measures 14 inches.  *sits on hips

This black and white floral design with accents of light and dark fuchsia is gorgeous and fun, just like you! We designed it with inspiration from all of our fabulous skirt lovers. Looks great on the golf course or a night on the town.  

*Backordered skirts can take up to 14 days before shipping.