Ecstatic Explosion Walkabout Skirt

Size Guide

This skirt is 2 inches longer (14 inches in Sport) than our Original Classic Skirt. We made it longer to provide full coverage for walking activities like golf and travel excursions.  The skirt fits on your hips and allows movement for any type of walkabout.  This length will pass most of the private golf course dress codes.  If you have a tall stature (long legs) you may also find this skirt to fit in manner that is good for active sports like hiking, biking, pickleball and running.  The extra length works very well for walking sports and activities, but we highly recommend our Classic Skirt for most fast paced sports.  

This skirt was formally known as the GOLF SKIRT and has been renamed as it's versatility lends itself to much more than just golf.  

Sport Size fits size 2 - 14 and measures 14 inches in length.  *sits on hips 

We are ecstatic about this explosion of color! We have been waiting a year for this fabric to arrive. Delightful drops of color, reverses to a multi-color polka dot print. We designed it with inspiration from all of our fabulous skirt lovers. Looks great on the golf course or a night on the town.  

*Backordered skirts can take up to 14 days before shipping.

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