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Active Scarf - Green Mountains

You are ready for the mountain wearing this versatile scarf! Shades of green call you to head out into nature.  Looks great dressed up for a sporty but classic neck adornment.

Our Scarf:  seamless, infinity-style tube made out of super soft and light-weight super soft tech fabric.  

This scarf is a fun way to keep warm, wipe sweat, or keep your hair out of your eyes.  

Runners:  Easy to wrap around your wrist if you need and drench it in cold water for a cooling effect.  Use it as a scrunchy or ponytail holder too.

Bikers:  Use this under your helmet for a light protection from wind and bugs. 

Skiers:  Use it as a mask or neck warmer under your multiple layers. 

Pirates:  Makes a great "doo rag" or pirates cap with a quick knot.   

Size 9 inches by 18 inches




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