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Corporate ISD Introduction Weekend

This weekend is specifically designed to introduce and inspire our Independent Sales Directors, which are women from around the country who want to grow their own businesses. However, the information is transferable to any entrepreneurial business, so come join us.    More details here. Our ISD's consistently show better signs of success once they have attended an event.  For our veteran ISD's, it is a fabulous opportunity to share what works and what doesn't.   Improve your selling techniques and entrepreneur skills for your existing business. You will take part in the set up and tear down of an event (newbies only), while learning successful selling techniques that we have honed through the years. Come see firsthand the story behind SSS, tour our new production area and corporate offices.  Be on the cutting edge of input and design of our new product lines for 2017-18.  Meet many wonderful women, experience the culture and find out if you'd like to become involved with the SSS ISD program. Some of our current ISDs will be there, and it will be a great chance to learn about their experience in the program.  

Dates:  May 11- 14, 2017

$79 for the classes   (*Full Product Rebates available for those that sign up as a ISD & No cost to our current ISD's)

Thursday:  Pick up from Portland Airport (just let us know when)
Thursday Night:  Happy Hour at the Flagship Store and Vancouver Walking Tour 4:00 - 5:00.

Morning Session:  Entrepreneurial 101/Life Lessons
Lunch:  Round Table Discussions Future Products (industry wide needs)
Afternoon Session:  Selling Cycle, Core Values, Customers & Cosmo's

Morning Sesson:  Budget & Business Plan
Lunch:  Round Table  Sales & Event Brainstorming
Afternoon Session:  Marketing, Facebook, Pinterest & Design
6:00 p.m No-Host dinner in Vancouver/Portland TBD

Morning Hike:  We will go find a mountain and climb it.  
Afternoon:  Anyone needing to finish up their marketing commitment and business plan.

Fly out as needed! 

Questions?  Please email and put ISD in the subject line. 

Hotel suggestions available.  Want to schedule a bike ride, hike or sightseeing on Thursday while we wait for problem.  
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