Night Confetti Face Mask

Size Guide

Night time confetti party is absolutely the best.  We also see some night time rain in this pattern.  Rain or confetti, we take confetti.  Have a blast. 

Double-sided Cotton Mask.   Our elastic ties can be around your head high or low or you can make ear loops by tying the two elastics together.   Our elastic is soft and kind to your skin and hair.  ***Behind the ears is a sensitive place and many health care workers are raw in that area from other types of elastic.   Our pleat allows for nose and mouth area and cotton softens with every wash.  

Finished mask size is 3 1/2 - 4 inches at the sides, 5 1/4-5.5" at the middle and 9-9.25 in length.  Most reverse to a second pattern.  Not all elastic is as pictured in the photo, we utilize a varied range of colors.  It will be fun and match for sure.   

Wash and Hang Dry 
To keep elastic in perfect condition, slightly melt the ends with a match/flame.