Gearhead Walkabout Skirt

Size Guide

Fancy gears in mint green, teal and golden rod.  Second side is charcoal grey/black.   This skirt has been a best seller and we brought it back to you for the last time this FALL.    **This skirt is two inches longer and still fits on the hips. More coverage for those days that bring many 'walk-abouts'.  

This athletic skirt was designed to wear over your favorite pair of compression shorts or tights.  You can do all activities; run, bike, hike, golf, tennis, pickleball, yoga, travel, ski AND dress it up for a night on the town with cool sandals or a great pair of boots.  Look at our inspirational photos. 

Life happens and we can’t always stay active.  This skirt fits you through a range of sizes, allowing you to keep it in your closet for years.  If you get tired of a certain pattern you can always trade it in for something new; Seasoned Skirt Project. 

Sport Size Fits 2 - 14  
Super Sweet Size Fits 10 - 18
E Sweet Size Fits 18 - 24
Sweet Z Size Fits 0 - 6

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