We are going to be using the 'Chat with us' system on the front page of the website. ALL communications will be need to start there. We have someone monitoring that system quite a bit of the day. You can usually get an answer quickly. Days that we are unavailable, someone will answer your question and it will go to the email account you entered. Thank you! Our great customer service is very important to us, so we want it all in one place.

Cheers, Stephanie
Owner and Designer

We want you to be 100% satisfied. If you want to exchange or return your order, just send it back with a note of what you would like us to do (refund, exchange, etc).

If you aren't happy with the length of your skirt you may be wearing it at your waist, our skirts fit at the hips.  

For refunds, we need to find your receipt or order number.   Go to the 'Chat with US' box on our website home page and send us a message indicating you are sending a return/exchange.

If we're making an exchange, once we get your skirt we'll get the new one out to you as soon as we are able! 

Sweet Spot Skirts
PO Box 87154
Vancouver, WA 98687

***The local USPS office now locks the PO Box outside of regular business hours (due to theft in the building.) That causes a delay in our refund processing time. Don't worry, we will always credit your account properly, it just may take a bit more time. We check our PO Box a couple of times a week. Thank you for your patience.

Each of our skirts fit a wide range of sizes.  They fit on the hips so that they are long enough to cover, but short enough to stay out of the way.  (2 Min. Video)

Classic Sport is our most popular and fits sizes 2 - 14
Classic Super is 2 inches longer and made to fit bodies 10 - 18.
Classic E Sweet is 2 more inches longer and made to fit bodies 18 - 24
Classic Sweet Z is for those that are size 0 - 6 (same length as Sport)

Walkabout is 2 inches longer than the classic
Check out our 

Sizing Page and Video.

You can expect your order to ship within 7-10 days.  If you order a custom or backordered skirt, it can usually  be made and shipped within 14 days, but occasionally may take a bit longer.  Our products are made in Vancouver, WA and other manufacturing sites in Portland OR. If you would like an update on the status of your skirt, please don't hesitate to call/text the store at 360-499-3001 or email info@sweetspotskirts.com.

Wait!!! It fits on your hips and is meant to cover your tights.

Here is a 30 second video.

Check out our sizing charts and videos.  Also, here is a good explanation and photo of proper fit. 

We recommend that you machine wash your Sweet Spot® Skirt in cold water and hang dry. Body heat will usually iron out most wrinkles naturally in the first few minutes of wearing your skirt. If you do want to touch it up with an iron, it to dress it up a bit, feel free... just don't iron the resin snaps!  Snaps have a lifetime warranty and we will repair or add an extra snap for free.  Just send it to us with a note and a return mailing address.  Send to:  
720 SE 160th Ave. PMB 135
Vancouver, WA 98684

It’s magic! Seriously, though, we’ve tested our skirts extensively on thousands of women and have been happily overwhelmed by the response. The skirts are meant to fit snug on the hips and the wide waistband flatters every figure. Skirts have been popular over the years and a Sweet Spot® Skirt provides flirty and practical coverage for active women.

Cotton is the most breathable fabric and allows the moisture to escape your body. While you wear your moisture-wick shorts next to the skin, the cotton allows for air movement. Our workout tights/leggings are made out of wicking material. The skirts just need to breathe, allowing your body to stay cool. While conducting research and development, we tested the skirts while biking over 400 miles in 104 degree weather. They performed fantastically and had very little lingering wetness. Thousands of women have worn the skirts during running events, from 5Ks to half and full marathons, to Ironman races.

Many women across the nation run in our skirts. The classic cotton skirt is worn over performance tights, bike shorts or leggings and fits on your hips. We have found that there are a few body types, maybe 10%, that are not served well by the skirt while running. However, the versatility of the skirt with so many different activities still makes it a good choice. If you prefer to run in a performance, tech fabric, check out our Fast n Flirty Running Skirt.It has become very popular with runners!

We designed this skirt with running specifically in mind. It's made with an extremely lightweight nylon/spandex blend fabric, and it has a cute scalloped edge that flatters most body types. It is made in the same sizable design as our cotton standard skirts, with the addition of an elastic band just above the "bum", with silicone inside the waistband to help keep it in place during runs. These features allow the fabric to 'cascade' over your derrière with a flirty, flattering look. You can wear the skirt over any length or type of running gear.

Many companies make a skirt and attach tights to keep it in place. We chose to design a skirt that stays in place without forcing you to be married to one pair of leggings or tights. From a fit perspective, we've found when shorts and skirt are attached, one part is inevitably less comfortable and you're stuck with both. With a Sweet Spot® Skirt, you're able to wear your favorite tights, leggings, shorts (pads or no pads), swimsuit or anything your heart desires underneath.  This allows you great versatility and comfort!

From a style perspective, when you cover stretchy shorts with a stretchy skirt, the result can be too form-fitting and far from flattering. Our cotton is much more forgiving, and it covers in a flattering and stylish way; and the Fast 'n Flirty has a flattering cut that cascades over the derrière. #freedom

Sweet Spot® Skirts snaps are guaranteed for life. It's rare, but if you have a problem with the snaps we will gladly replace it. Simply send the skirt to us (see address above) and we will replace the snap and send back to you with in 24 hours.

We made a commitment to keep our products "Made in the USA."  Since the inception of the company, we have hired unemployed women and facilitated their work from home creating skirts. Every product we make is manufactured in Vancouver, WA and/or locally in the Portland Metro area. We pay our team well for their services and therefore do not often offer discounts. However, we do have our Semi-Annual Sale twice a year in November and in April. These are our two big sales! The Sale discount is not valid with custom orders or other discounts.

We also have periodic "Oops" sales, where we sell gently used tester skirts and any skirts that don't quite meet our standards for perfection. The skirts are still beautiful and wearable, and are sold at half price. We announce any promotions we are having on Facebook and in our email newsletters.

We take care of our earth with proper material management:  Our skirts fit a range of sizes, therefore women can wear it even if they gain a few or lose a few.  For instance, a women buys a large athletic skirt and then uses it to train for her marathon and loses enough weight to fit into a medium.  Great for her, but what does she do with the large skirt?  Most likely it eventually goes to Goodwill and if nobody buys it, it will eventually end up in the landfill.  Our skirts are built to last 10 years, saving the landfill and our customers money.  The math is easy, $69.00 divided by 10 = $6.90 a year to own that skirt.   We hate fast fashion.

We give back to our community, using scraps that other manufacturers toss in the landfill.  Since day one our owner has mandated to keep every scrap of fabric from our cutting room floor.    Quilts for Charity &   Saving the Landfill