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We love to hear from our Sweet Spot® Family!

Go to our HOME page and see the 'Chat with Us' button.  Initiate a conversation there and we have people standing by to assist you.  If we are out of the office, our system will send you an email with your response as soon as we get to it.  

This is the only way to contact us.  Customer Service is super important to us and we will get you an answer.  You can also use the instant message service for answers to most important questions.  

Things don't move as fast as we like sometimes, but we want to provide quick solutions to any question you may have.  

Cheers to you all, 
Stephanie Lynn, Owner and Designer

Our address is:  
Sweet Spot Skirts
304 SE Hearthwood Blvd
Suite 87154
Vancouver, WA 98687

***The local USPS office now locks the PO Box outside of regular business hours (due to theft in the building.) That causes a delay in our refund processing time. Don't worry, we will always credit your account properly, it just may take a bit more time. We check our PO Box a couple of times a week. Thank you for your patience.

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