Fast 'N Flirty- Box Jelly Dreamy Running Skirt

Size Guide

Box Jelly Dreamy is our new line of Fast 'N Flirty running skirts.  Box jellies are venomous and dangerous, but are faster than most olympic swimmers.  This skirt is on a black backround with soft aqua and deep cranberry, giving you a pop of dreamy color. 

This running skirt was designed for everyone from Couch to 5k to the Ultra Marathoner and has been approved for fit and function by thousands of women.  Wear your favorite compression shorts or tights underneath and snap this skirt over the top.

  • This skirt is designed to cover with an ultra lightweightfeel. 
  • Our adjustable snapping system allows you to wear the skirt at the exact point on your body that  is most comfortable. 
  • The scalloped edge and fit of the skirt flatters most figures and is designed technically to get you through the toughest of workouts. 
  • The scrunched elastic back helps the skirt to expand and contract as your body speeds through the course, while providing a flirty cascading cover over your derrière. 
  • Silicone detailing inside the band helps the skirt stay comfortably in place over your shorts.   

The fabric is light as a feather and you won't even realize you're running in it!