Sweet Spot® Skirts and Run Pretty Far™ = ONE

March 10, 2016 was a great day.  Sweet Spot® Skirts and Run Pretty Far™ combined forces. These two companies have always gone together, like peanut butter and jelly. Run Pretty Far™ active tops and inspirational stories pair perfectly with our Sweet Spot® Skirts collections of skirts, panties and tights. 
We celebrate the inspirations of my good friend and original creator of RPF Jennifer Hughes. Both of our companies were started around the same time, and over the years, when our paths crossed, we plotted, planned and compared notes.  I  have always looked at Run Pretty Far™ with so much admiration and appreciation.  I will honor Jenn, Greg and their hard work as we strive to  ‘run free’ and ‘begin, begin and begin again.”
Sweet Spot® Skirts has provided high quality and practical apparel that enables women to look and feel their best while being active and adventurous. We strive to inspire women in their goals and help increase their self confidence.  The story of our humble beginnings is here
We are blessed to have Cassidy, the magical, creative graphic designer, joining us as we breathe life and fresh energy into the inspiration, motivation and beauty that Run Pretty Far™ has brought over the years.
We have exciting new things in store.  While we create this new beginning, you can find inspirations and running love in our Facebook posts. We’re excited to soar!
Hugs and Happyness,
Stephanie  Lynn
This is Jenn. Here she is in her “I Eat Mountains for Breakfast” shirt.  This has always been  one of my favorite pictures.  She has tackled terrain all over the world and truly personifies Run Pretty Far™. She is simply amazing.  Jenn is a great friend, brilliant, funny and full of passion.  My mission is to honor her in everything we do with RPF.
This is Stephanie (right). Here she is after completing her first 13.1m with Kristina, our ‘at home’ seamer.  Sweet Spot® Skirts hires local women to sew for us and in our local Vancouver, WA production studio.  Stephanie likes to Run Pretty Far™, Bike Pretty Far™ and she covers her sweet spot with a Sweet Spot® Skirt.