Technical Running Skirt

Our technical running skirt is called the Fast n Flirty Skirt.  Some say it takes minutes off of your best PR.  We designed this skirt with running specifically in mind.  It is made with an extremely lightweight nylon/spandex blend fabric with a cute scalloped edge that flatters most body styles.  It is made in the same sizable design as our cotton standard skirts, with a rear addition of an elastic band and silicone on the inner band help this skirt to stay in place during runs. These features allow the fabric to 'cascade' over your derrière with a flirty look.   You can wear the skirt over any length or type of running gear.

We make these skirts in bright and fun colors.  We value safety and know it is important to be seen on your runs.  We do have a black skirt that has a splash of color in the thread and the snaps.  Our Fast n Flirty Skirtworks well in all weather and makes it great for stand up paddle boarding. 

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