TIghts, Capri's and Performance Shorts

Our performance shorts called  Sweet Spot® Panties are guaranteed to stay in place. Draw a line on your leg at the hem of the panties, then take them on your longest run, most grilling kettle bell class or simply hiking in the mountains.  They WILL NOT move more than one finger up or down.  If they do move you have the wrong size and we will need to exchange them. 

running skirt leggings 

Cellulite Management:
The breathable fabric is moisture wicking and super soft.  The black panties are a tightly woven fabric that compresses you without squeezing you uncomfortably.  If you carry any unwanted weight in the thigh area, these panties are great for smoothing the leg and butt.  The ultra panties are a thinner, super lightweight and a bit less forgiving in cellulite management.  The ultra panty was designed for our long distance mileage runners or those living in the hot/humid climates. 

All of our panties, tights and leggingshave a cell phone pocket.  Fits up to an Iphone 6 plus!  If your phone is heavy the panty leg may end up about 3/4 of an inch lower than the right leg.  Not much of a bother and much more convenient than armbands or waist belts.  You can run your earphone cord up under your skirt and shirt, out of the way and convenient. 

Our calf length fit longer so that they cover some of your calf.  This allows for two things:  1.  your leg looks sleek and longer (aesthetic)   2.  There isn't any bunching or pressure on the back of your knee (technical).

Our Ankle Leggings are a lighter weight fabric that is breathable, moisture wicking and anti-microbial.  The Winter Ankle Leggingsuse a fabric that is a tighter weave, great compression and thickness for all your outdoor activities.  

Sizing as follows: 

XS:  0 

SM:  2 - 4

MD:  6 - 8

LG:  10 - 12

XL:  14-16 

2X:  18 - 20