The Sweet Spot® Skirt Slinger AKA Independent Sales Director

EARN Money,  BE your own boss & WORK from home!

Start your own business, sell our products. 

Excited about Sweet Spot® Skirts and looking to get involved? We have a program that allows you the rights to sell Sweet Spot® Skirts!

Our company began with the intent to create quality products and support local women. We are committed to being a locally made brand represented by real women in our Vancouver, WA community. Our growing company is quickly expanding, and is now looking for skirt slinger's (Independent Sales Directors) nation-wide. We want to continue to support our passionate skirt wearers by providing a fun and exciting new opportunity to earn extra income while selling a product they believe in. Commitment levels in the program can range from hosting small home parties and trunk shows to selling at events with thousands of athletes in attendance. Skirt Slinger's will have the opportunity of in-person Corporate ISD Introduction by our friendly and energetic staff.

If you are interested in finding out more, please email us at with the subject line "Independent Sales Director" Please tell us about yourself, why you are interested in the program and include a photo if possible. Also include the proposed geographic area in which you would like to distribute. 

Meet our current Skirt Slingers

Join the fun and be an addition to the Sweet Spot® Skirts story... Changing the World One Skirt at a Time!