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by Stephanie Lynn September 01, 2016

Take a walk down memory lane by clicking this link to see Sweet Spot® Skirts' thoughts from 2010 - 2016.  You will find great stories about giving, love, passion, overcoming obstacles, strong women and their stories.  Our company was founded on three simple philosophies:  
1.  Have fun 
2.  When goal #1 has been met, have more fun!
3.  Stay out of debt

You can read about our story and our commitment to remain forever Made in the USA by clicking this link.   Changing the World, One Skirt at a Time. 

In 2016, we purchased an amazing inspirational and fun running company.  You can read that story by clicking this link.   Life is intense. Running should be fun.

In celebration of 2017 and all that it has to offer, we have combined our blog to highlight both companies and what they represent.  We love you, we honor you and we support your love of all things active.  One mile to 100 miles, we bring you active and inspirational clothing to make that journey just a little bit better.  

~ Stephanie, Dianna, Mary, Laurie, Katie and Cassidy 

Stephanie Lynn
Stephanie Lynn

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