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"A Flirty and Practical Skirt," fashionable and sporty for the active woman!

The Sweet Spot™ Skirt can be worn while biking, running, golfing, rowing, playing tennis or as an apres-ski or swimsuit cover. It is made to be worn over your favorite tights or leggings.  No more tying your sweatshirt around your waist to cover your lycra/spandex bound sweet spot.  Just snap your Sweet Spot™ Skirt around your waist and you're off to run errands or visit with friends at the local coffee shop.

Sweet Spot™ Skirts are long enough to cover, yet short enough to stay out of the way!

No longer are we just for the athletic women!  Just add boots, scarf, flip-flops, and a hat or bathing suit and you have a fashion statement that is all your own and a great addition to your everyday wardrobe.

Changing the World ONE Skirt at a Time!

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