Referral Program ~ Lets Build This Together

Our referral program is simple.  Help us build this fabulous skirt loving business, by telling your friends about our products.  Each new customer that purchases SSS products, as a result of your referral, will earn you money on your account for your future purchases.  Our best referrer will receive a GRAND prize (to be announced on FB later this month.)  Each week we will post the top three referrers on our Facebook page.  It is easy and it is fun!  #letsbuildthistogether #onereferralatatime #skirtlove

Hello Skirt Lovers, 
As an entrepreneur building a company from the ground up, I am terrified every day of my life.  However, I was born to do this and with your help, we can begin the push to the next level.    Our products ARE and will always be Made in the USA.  Our goal is to inspire women with our fabulously functional products.  This month we are giving back to YOU, for sharing our story and creating a new customer sale.  Being on a team is my safe haven, thank you for helping me create a tribe of strong and powerful teammates, who love our products.  

How to Refer:
1.  The person you refer must be a new customer with their first purchase. 
2.  When your referral places their order, they simply put your name in the memo/order notes online, in store or at events.

Two ways to earn credits on your account, when the person you refer makes a purchase. 
      A.  With each skirt purchased, the referrer receives $5 to their account for future purchases
      B.  If the new customer purchases over $100.00, then the referrer gets 5% of the sale on their account for future purchases

Small Print:   Taxes & Shipping not included in calculated amount. Seasoned skirts, OOPs Skirts are not included in this program.  We will post all of the earned credits on October 1, 2018.   Promotion ends September 30, 2018.

Happy Referring!  



Sizing Chart & Video's

Sizing Chart  (Scroll Down for Sizing Videos)


Overall Look at Our Sizing:  Classic Skirts

 SPORT SIZE Classic Skirt Sizing

FAST N FLIRTY Sizing Information


SUPER SWEET Classic Skirt Sizing

E SWEET Classic Skirt Sizing 


This video will show you both the "Sport" size and the "Super" size!

Each Sweet Spot Skirt is adjustable and fits a range of sizes.  The unique snapping system gives you the freedom to adjust the size of your skirt.  Don't forget it is also 'reversible.'  One of the most important things to remember is the skirt is meant to be worn on the hips, not the waist! (Scroll to bottom of this page for visual!)  
The best fit is to fasten at least 3 rows of snaps.  We have put thousands of skirts on women, and it never fails to amaze people how flattering the wide waistband is on all types of body styles!  Feel free to call and discuss your fit questions with our "Specialist" at the shop!   
Flagship Store 360-904-9929.
Sport Size:  Fits sizes 2-14
This is our most popular size.  It is 12 inches in length (measured from the hips).  It’s long enough to cover, but short enough to stay out of the way during activities.   Don’t be afraid of it being too short.  We tell everyone to 'trust' the 12 inches and start with this skirt.   Measurements:  fits hip sizes 31"-40".
Super Sweet:  Fits sizes 10-18
This skirt is 14 inches in length and provides a bit more coverage than our “Sport” size. We have found that women who have very long legs or desire more coverage prefer this skirt.   **If you are a size 10 or 12, this skirt will fit you.  However, many of our customers who can fit in either size ("Sport" or "Super Sweet") and are quite active, find the extra length cumbersome and prefer the shorter “Sport” size. Measurements:  fits hip sizes 36"-43".
E Sweet:  Fits sizes 18-24
This skirt is 16 inches in length.  The skirt fits each body slightly differently, but provides ample coverage in a stylish and flattering way.  Each E sweet is custom made to order.  Measurements:  fits hip sizes 41"-54". 
Sweet Z:  Fits sizes 0-6
This skirt fits a true size 0 and more petite body frames.   It is 12 inches in length.  This is a great alternative if the "Sport" size is too loose and you have all the snaps fastened.  Measurements:  fits hip sizes 27"-33".


If you have questions on sizing, please email us at