Seasoned Skirt Pricing Structure

You wash, wear & reverse.....we Recycle! 

Skirts that have been worn to win races and accomplish goals, but might have over stayed their welcome in your closet can now be recycled and passed on to start new life with another person. 

How does Seasoned Skirts work

1.  Send your skirt to us, find us at an event (this may be difficult thru the pandemic years) or contact us to set up an appointment to come to our shipping center located in Vancouver, Washington.  Our phone numbers is 360-499-3001, text is best.   

2.  Ship the skirt (s) to us at the above address.  Please email us at to let us know it is on its way.

3.  Find us out on the road and drop it off when we are at an event near you!  

4.  We process the seasoned skirts on Tuesday and Friday each week.  Your credit will land on your SSS account within a week.  **Check your bulk/junk mail account as this email is generated from our system.  

When we receive a seasoned skirt we wash it, iron it, check the snaps (replace any that are worn) and get it in top shape for its new home.  These skirts will be put into our OOPS sale and available in the seasoned skirts section of our store.  

How much are your skirts worth? 

Classic Athletic Skirt (reversible and adjustable)

SPORT:  $ 17.50

SUPER:  $ 20.00

ESweet:  $ 22.50

SweetZ:  $17.50

Fast n Flirty (single row snaps and adjustable)

SPORT:  $ 15.00

SUPER:  $ 17.50

Esweet:  $ 20.00

Sweet Z: $ 15.00

We are currently accepting skirts that are stain free and without tears or holes.  Broken snaps are ok, we can fix them.  We will credit your Sweet Spot® Skirt account for future purchases. (NO CASH REFUNDS)  For the skirt that no longer
 enjoys your closet, give it a chance to get out and enjoy a new life…there are dreams to fill and goals to shatter.  Our Seasoned Skirts™ will come with our lifetime guarantee on the snaps. 

QUESTIONS?  Email  or text/call 360-499-3001