SoCal Student Sells Skirts

Hey SoCal Meet Laura!

She is your local Sweet Spot® Skirts gal, who will provide you and your active friends a personal fitting party.  Here are a few words from her. 

With SSS I have learned so many valuable, real world lessons. Being in charge of my own territory has taught me to be responsible, aware, and quick thinking.  Through working with SSS, I am hoping to pay for my college by creating flexible hours, working hard at weekend runs and hosting small flash sales for the fabulous women of Souther California.  I am currently studying Marine Science in Huntington Beach and live near Rancho Cucamonga.  Working with SSS allows me to find balance between school, work and my social life.  I love the idea of being a marine biologist, but this job 'slinging skirts' mirrors and grows my entrepreneur and creative side.  I also have a photography business that I established when I was 16 years old.  Typical behind the counter jobs have never been a good fit for me.  My favorite part of SSS is connecting with so many different women and seeing them celebrating their active accomplishments.  Even through I am a millennial, I can fit you and sell you a skirt.  My mom loves them and has been wearing them for years.  

Helping me pay for my education + getting a really awesome skirt = a win for us both

If you know of any local running, biking, rowing, paddling, yoga events, where I could set up my pop up shop, please email me at

I would also be willing to set up a quick sale at your house or local establishment and give all your friends a fitting.  If we sell enough you will get a free skirt for hosting.  

Thank you for supporting me and Sweet Spot® Skirts in this adventure,
Much love,