"Style" Sizing

After many customer requests for another skirt length option, we are excited to announce that our new "Style" is now available!  The "Style" is best worn over bare legs  and is perfect for sunny days, dressy evenings and even days in the office.  Best things about this skirt?  Still reversible and adjustable, just like our traditional skirt, while the added length provides full coverage without needing tights!  For those of us in the Pacific Northwest, this is a great skirt as we head into the beautiful fall months.  For those of you in perpetually sunny climates, lucky you- you can wear this year round!  Great paired with heels, flats or sandals.

There are two sizing options:

Style Sport +4"- This is our standard "Sport" sizing (fits sizes 2-14) with an extra 4" in length.  Result:  16" length total, still worn on the hips.  This should provide plenty of length for average-height women.  If you are a size 2-6, you would definitely want to try this length first.

Style Super Sweet +4"- This is our standard "Super Sweet" sizing (fits sizes 10-18) with an extra 4" in length.  Result:  18" length total, still worn on the hips and providing full coverage.

Offered in limited patterns- click the "Style" option in the left hand menu. If you are interested in a different fabric, please email us at info@sweetspotskirts.com and we will check our fabric stock.

Since "Styles" are all made to order, please expect about 14 days delivery time.