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About a month ago, Frank from Safefire Indoor Shooting Range called and informed me that our skirts were a popular item for women who carry a concealed weapon.  Knowing the controversy around guns, I did a little research.  Safefire is a new shooting range in Camas, WA and is WOMAN OWNED.  Raised in Montana, I have been around guns my whole life, usually outside with tin cans as our target.  When I met Frank to check out the shooting range, I was pleasantly surprised with the clean and bright look and feel.   The firearms are displayed neatly in cases and there is a large staff to personally help you.  Downstairs is where the shooting range is located.  Safety is number one, and you can feel the warm welcome when you check in.  Rules for conduct made the experience feel no different than walking on to a basketball court to practice free throws. This upscale shooting range features beautiful VIP style lounge with viewing to the range.  I was lucky enough to use that section, for my introduction and trial shooting.   

While I was preparing to shoot, a woman (who looked to be in her 60's) was on the range with one of the instructors.  I watched her shoot.  Her aim was pretty good even though her aging hands and arms appeared to be weak she handled the weapon with strength and determination. She looked confident and proud as she exited the lesson.  I couldn't help but ask her why she was here shooting.  She smiled and explained, she lived alone and had made the decision to have a gun in her home.  As a show of responsibility for that decision, she made it a requirement to continue her steadfast practice using and handling the firearm. Whether you agree or disagree with her decision, you can't help but support her in the quest.  I was impressed. 

Frank took me through the safety and etiquette of the range and my gun.  To my surprise, I wasn't a bad shot.  It was empowering to experience the vulnerability of holding a weapon that is so powerful.  

Women's safety is a top concern for me.  My demographic of women are targets as we drive fancy cars, wear nice clothing and are often running from point A to point B so fast, we might forget to look around and be aware of our surroundings.  Carrying a firearm is a personal decision, but so many steps come before that.  Education, awareness, self defense and something as simple as walking with a strong powerful walk are important pieces of this women's safety puzzle. 

We support all demographics who love to wear our skirts.  In celebration for those that like to carry a firearm, we teamed up with Can Can Concealment and Safefire Indoor Shooting Range to bring you this photo shoot. Thank you to our model Elvira, she is well versed in the handling of a firearm and beautiful to boot.  Thank you to both Kate and Frank for educating me on the much debated topic of guns and gun safety.  


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nayshunda o. burke
nayshunda o. burke

April 06, 2018

Trying to purchase the skirts; size XL..please send a link with various colors. Thanks in advance. 404.966.0508

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