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I love skirts, so it makes sense that our first two products were both skirts.  I also love activewear that is functional and fits properly.  Each product we launch has a job to do.   We take that job seriously in creating and testing our products, to make sure that their 'job' gets done perfectly.  

Our compression shorts, Sweet Spot® Panties, won't ride up, GUARANTEED!   Their job is to stay put, carry your cell phone on the left side of your leg, and to wear extremely well for many years.   

Our calf length tights has the job of being super, duper soft and durable.  They also carry your phone and are long enough to fit properly around the calf and not behind the knee where you have delicate muscles and tendons.  The compressive fabric has just enough "hold" to keep cellulite under the radar, leaving your back side smooth.  

The FBT, Flat Belly Tank, has a big job which is to hide any unwanted stomach in the fold of the ruching.  This product sold out in its first launch Spring 18, in just a few months.  Look for this tank in multiple colors in Spring 19.  

SKIRT CLUB is a club for anyone who loves the skirts and also loves to receive a package every quarter.  Every year I get to search for fabric that will blow the minds of my Skirt Club Members.  These patterns are unique to the club and won't be released anytime during 2019.   This year, we have included 3 reversible athletic skirts and 1 Fast N Flirty running skirt for just $199.00  You can rest assured these skirts will arrive each quarter and give you a unique look all year.  

Please join me in 2019 for the best priced Skirt Clubsince its launch in 2015.  
Happy Holidays, 
Stephanie  Lynn, Owner and Designer

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Kimberly Fakhoury
Kimberly Fakhoury

February 22, 2019

Love these!!

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