March 13, 2017 2 min read

Our skirts are adjustable.  The unique snapping system allows you to gain or lose weight without ever giving up the fit of the skirt.  We want your Sweet Spot® Skirts to be in your closet for at least 10 years. We own our manufacturing center because we want to employ local women and keep control of our high quality production.  You can see the snaps below, completely snapped this fits a size 2 and with three snaps snapped it fits a size 14.  As long as you stay within the range of size 2 - 14, our SPORT size skirt will fit you forever.  The company is 6 years old and we have skirts from day one that are still being worn, washed and worn again.  Don't forget it is reversible, so you get two skirts in one! 

We also believe that women of all sizes should be able to wear a Sweet Spot® Skirt.  This skirt fits a size 10 - 18 and is called  SUPER Sweet.  Here is our beautiful super sweet model showing both sides of her reversible athletic skirt.  We also make this skirt 2 inches longer so that it completely covers your sweet spot.  Don't' forget our classic skirt sits on the hips not the waist. 

WE FIT ALL SIZES from a 0 to 24.  Check out our sizing video for more info! 

Lose too much weight and your skirt is too big? Just let send it to us and we will add extra snaps for FREE and send it back.  We understand life can be unpredictable but Sweet Spot Skirts isn't.  We are there for you hoping your skirt keeps you covered through all of what life throws your way.  

Hugs to you all ~Stephanie 

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