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January is a great time to start fresh! Clean your house, sell everything you don’t need, become a minimalist, lose twenty pounds, start giving all of your paycheck to charity, sign up for one hundred new classes at the gym, throw a dinner party every night! Become a vegan! Run twelve marathons! Never sleep!

Or does it just feel like that to us? There can be so much PRESSURE in the new year. And personally, the last thing we want is to feel more pressure. So we’re taking it a little slow. You know, like taking a month to think about resolutions and not feeling guilty about it. But taking it slow doesn’t mean doing nothing! It just means maybe biting off what we can chew instead of way too much. Can we give more to charity? Yes! All of our paycheck? Probably not. Run a few extra miles? Yes! Twelve marathons in one month? Um, no.

So here’s what we’re working on this year. Some things are big. Some things are very small. But they’re things that make us feel better, healthier, more excited.


STEPH Owner / Dreamer

I want to slow down! Appreciate nature, be present, be mindful of yes, disconnect from electronics, eat slower, and find pleasure in everything. 



LAURIE Events Manager / Steph Wrangler

My resolution for 2017 is to be more adventurous in the Pacific Northwest. Explore a new neighborhood, town, city, restaurant, trail. Camp more, hike more, and spend more time outside.



MARY Director of Operations / Master of Spreadsheets

I don't really believe in resolutions, but I’m working toward hiking the Grand Canyon in March with my Mom and brother-in-law, so I am making sure I have the right gear and am in shape for that. Otherwise, it is simply the constant desire to try new things and make sure my kids grow up to be humans with whom I would like to hang out!



DIANNA Production Manager / Seamer Extraordinaire

I'm trying to suck it up and keep my sugar consumption in control! It’s always good to remind myself that I'm in charge.



CASS Graphic Designer / RPF Whisperer

This year, I want to visit more National Parks (and do my part as a citizen to make sure they stay protected!), create less waste, stop hitting the snooze button, and put gas in my car before it's completely empty.


So that's us. This is where we are. What are you working on?

xoxo SSS & RPF


PS: No pressure, but you can click any of our pictures to shop what we're wearing! 


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Michelle #skirtslinger Pommier
Michelle #skirtslinger Pommier

January 31, 2017

Things I am working on in 2017:
Eat clean and play hard, lose a few pounds to help my asthma, become a stronger cyclist and mTn biker, ride more, #optoutside more, be inspiring, take on Scotland, give and receive more grandson kisses/loves, wake up everyday and be awesome, less dying my hair and more gray (eek), hike more with my fur babies, live an adventurous life, be an adventure seeker, and be the best brand ambassador ever!

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