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Sweet Spot® Skirts was born from an idea that many sports had a sweet spot.  A tennis racket, baseball bat, golf club all have certain areas that one would refer to as the sweet spot.  If you hit the sweet spot on a golf club, most of the time your shot is great.  A skirt that whenever you wear it, catapults you to the top of the sport, in essence, you hit the sweet spot.  What a great name for a skirt that makes you feel more comfortable in your ‘spandex’ an 80’s term referring to skin tight clothing.  In the 21st century, most athletic apparel contains spandex, but it is woven into a certain pattern that wicks, dries quickly and keeps odor at bay. 

On the anniversary of our 5th year of opening a brick and mortar store and the 6th year in business, I can tell you…Entrepreneurial Adventures are TOUGH!

We are so thankful for our strong and loyal following of women across the country and in several foreign lands, they have been the back bone of our success. 

We are in the category of Outdoor industry, where Amazon owns 40% of sales. Brick and mortar retails stores are dying and shutting down, like Sports Authority (closed 460 stores), Sports Chalet (closed 47 stores) and the mall chain of athletic shoes, Finish Line (closed 160 stores). Interesting enough as Finish Line was closing 160 stores, they purchased about 80 small retail running stores across the country. Eastern Mountain Sports closed 16 stores while filing a re-org bankruptcy in April of 16. Our industry as a whole is a mess. With the moves from Finish Line, one can only assume their growth plans include small authentic retail shops. Nike, Adidas and Under Armor have all made strong claims to increase their direct to consumer business by 2020. That indicates they see the value of customers and are planning to focus on them as a buying unit. (NPD Group 2016)

What does that mean to Sweet Spot® Skirts? We were born from an authentic and genuine idea to provide women active clothing that made them feel their very best. We have provided excellent customer service and value each one of our skirt wearers. We travel in an effort to introduce more women to our products, which also gives me time to hear the problems women are facing in their athletic apparel. 

It HAS been hard work, painful sometimes grueling, yet we cherish those moments that are sprinkled and sometimes flooded with luck.  As this 6th year comes upon us, we are thankful for OUR CUSTOMERS and the luck and support they bring us.

Now go fearlessly into your adventure, luck is on its way,

Stephanie Lynn

Owner and Designer Sweet Spot® Skirts

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JoyLynn Woodard
JoyLynn Woodard

May 16, 2017

Your inspiration to other entrepreneurial women is phenomenal. Be strong, as you are, and continue with your amazing product designed, produced and sold by you in the USA and around the world.

Julie Wilske
Julie Wilske

March 29, 2017

Hang in there and shine on because you have designed great skirts made in the great USA. These skirts are so versatile and the quality is unbeatable!

Tamara Leibfarth
Tamara Leibfarth

March 09, 2017

I just want you to know that you are inspiring.

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